The task management solution for Slack

Busybot keeps track of important tasks and decisions, right where they happen in chat. So you can be confident you always know what's happening in your team.

Start assigning tasks immediately

No need to create accounts for your team members - Busybot will discover them directly from Slack. As soon as Busybot is connected you can immediately start assigning tasks to people.

Organized around your Slack channels

Busybot keeps a list of tasks for every Slack channel. Plus, private channels get private task lists which are only visible to channel members.

Up-to-date as your team changes

Starting a new project? As soon as it gets its own channel to discuss in Slack, it's got a list of tasks in Busybot. New staff get access as soon as they get on to Slack.

Create tasks directly in chat

Simply tag @busybot in any message, and Busybot will start tracking it as a task.

Want to assign @simone? Just tag @busybot and @simone, and Busybot will assign her to the task (and also send her a direct message to let her know)

(You can even write a due date, and Busybot will remind when the date arrives!)

To list all of the outstanding tasks, just say @busybot and Busybot will list them immediately.

Open a task to add more details

With every task, Busybot gives you a link, where you can view details and add more information including:

  • Due dates
  • URLs — link to Evernote, Google Docs, ticketing systems, and more
  • Checklists of subtasks
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Assignees
  • Comments

Get a morning report delivered directly to you in Slack

When you have tasks due, @busybot will send you a brief morning report directly in Slack (at a time of your choosing). This report is customizable, and as an example of things you can include:

  • A snapshot of your tasks due today
  • Any tasks you forgot to complete yesterday
  • On Mondays, a list of upcoming tasks for the week
  • and more...

Get reminders for any task

Busybot automatically reminds you when one of your tasks are due.

You can also quickly configure custom reminders, so nothing falls between the cracks. For example, you can get reminded when you'd like to start work on a task, or automatically be notified whenever any task you've assigned somebody else falls due.

Team Calendar New!

See everything happening in your team on a shared team calendar

The team calendar can show all tasks, or you can zoom in to focus on one week, one channel, or even one team member. Busybot makes it easy to keep track of what is happening across your team.

Busybot also lets you sync your team calendar to Outlook, Google Mail, Apple Calendar, and your mobile device!

Add unlimited checklists and Subtasks to any task

Busybot fully supports checklists and subtasks. You can have as many checklists as you like in any task!

... and they're fully supported directly inside Slack! View, create and complete your checklists right inside chat.

Recurring tasks - right in Slack!

Set up recurring tasks that run right on your schedule.

Use busybot to remind you about an end-of-month report, your weekly team meeting preparation, or daily maintenance work. You can configure recurring tasks to your own schedule, and change them whenever you like. Even stop tasks recurring while you're on vacation!

All notifications via Slack

Busybot notifies your channel when a task is completed, or when it falls due. Plus, Busybot will send you a direct message to keep you up to date with anything assigned to you.

And because all notifications are sent to Slack - Busybot won't send any annoying emails!

Keep track of your personal tasks

You can send anything you like to Busybot in a direct message, and Busybot will add it to your own todo list. Easy!

And, you never need to remember a username or password to access Busybot - simply login via Slack.

Don't let important decisions get lost in chat history - let Busybot keep track of things for you.

Busybot is free to use for as long as you want for teams of all sizes.

Add to Slack

You can easily upgrade to the pro version at any time, which offers more features and control for private tasks and channels.