Project management software that works directly with Slack

Busybot is a team task manager that makes it easy to assign work to your team in a Slack chat, and automatically organizes your tasks by channel.
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Busybot is free to use for as long as you want, for teams of all sizes.
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Don't let important decisions get lost in chat history

With Busybot, important tasks and decisions never fall between the cracks. You can create a task directly in a Slack discussion. Busybot will automatically organize the task, assigning anybody you tag, and link it all together for you.

Create tasks directly in chat

Just type @busybot and the name of the task, and Busybot will create it and track it for you.

Organized by channel

Every channel has a separate list of tasks, and you can move tasks from channel to channel

Automatically assigned

If you tag somebody when creating the task, it will be automatically assigned to them

See how a task started

Every task has a link that takes you straight back to the conversation archive

Add details

Add file attachments, subtasks, due dates, comments, and view a full task history

In sync with slack

Busybot is always kept in sync with Slack - so your channels and users are always up-to-date.

Create tasks directly in chat

Simply tag @busybot in any message, and busybot will start tracking it as a task.

Want to assign @simone? Just tag @busybot and @simone, and busybot will assign her to the task (and also send her a direct message to let her know)

(You can even write a due date, and busybot will remind when the date arrives!)

To list all of the outstanding tasks, just say @busybot and busybot will list them immediately.

Busybot is free to use for as long as you want for teams of all sizes.

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